Emirates B777-300ER A6-EPO Returns from Baghdad.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-EPO positioned Baghdad – Dubai this morning as EK2544 then returned to service operating EK508 Dubai – Mumbai.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EPO Yinchuan Technical Issue.

Boeing 777-31HER A6-EPO operated the Dubai – Yinchuan sector of EK326 Dubai – Yinchuan – Zhengzhou this morning, however the onward sector to Zhengzhou and the return EK327 Zhengzhou – Yinchuan – Dubai were cancelled due to a technical issue.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EPO Dhaka Delay.

Boeing 777-31HER A6-EPO arrived into Dhaka as EK584 from Dubai late last night, however the return EK585 returned to the gate this morning and eventually departed this evening with an eighteen hour delay as EK585D

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EPO Delivered.

Boeing 777-31HER A6-EPO was delivered Paine Field – Dubai this afternoon as EK7777. This brings the B777-300ER fleet up to 119 aircraft.

Emirates A380 A6-EDM EK413 Colombo Technical Diversion.

A380 A6-EDM operating the Sydney – Dubai sector of EK413 Auckland – Sydney – Dubai (depart Auckland 25th June) diverted to Colombo early this morning due to a technical issue. Further reports suggest there was smoke in the cockpit.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ENY Enters Service.

Boeing 777-31HER A6-ENY entered service this evening as EK622 Dubai – Lahore. The aircraft is reported to be in 42J/386Y configuration but we await confirmation.

Emirates A380 A6-EDD EK241 Ottowa Diversion.

Airbus A380 A6-EDD operating EK241 Dubai – Toronto made a missed approach at Toronto due to high winds and diverted to Ottowa. The aircraft is reported to have made a Mayday call due to low fuel but this was subsequently cancelled. The flight was able to continue to Toronto shortly afterwards using callsign EK241A.

A6-ERS EK51 Munich Technical Issue.

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A340-300 A6-ERS operating EK51 Dubai – Munich went around at Munich after crew reported loss of a hydraulic system. The aircraft landed around 30 minutes later and was able to operate the return EK52 with a delay of around 3 hours.