Emirates A380 A6-EOS EK37 Dubai Technical Return.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS operating EK37 Dubai – Birmingham with a three hour delay stopped the climb at 7,000ft this evening due to a technical issue and returned to Dubai for a safe landing. The flight has been delayed overnight.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS Returns to Service.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS, which was in storage at Dubai World Central from 4th September – 1st October, returned to service this morning operating EK304 Dubai – Shanghai Pudong.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS Shanghai Pudong Weather Delay.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS arrived into Shanghai Pudong last night as EK304 from Dubai, however its scheduled return to Dubai as EK305 in the early hours of this morning was delayed by 12 hours due to weather conditions and operated early this evening as EK306D.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS Operates Bahrain Rotation.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS operated the EK835/EK836 Dubai – Bahrain rotation in the early hours of this morning in place of the usual Boeing 777-300ER to mark the national day of Bahrain.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS Returns from Athens.

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its overnight crew delay, Emirates A380 A6-EOS departed Athens in the early hours of this morning operating yesterdays delayed EK106 Athens – Dubai as EK106D.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS Operates Athens Rotation.

A380 A6-EOS operated EK105 Dubai – Athens this morning in place of the usual B777-300ER in to provide extra lift following cancellations into Athens yesterday. The return EK106 has been delayed until the early hours of tomorrow. This is the first Emirates A380 service to Athens although there have been previous A380 diversions via Athens.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS Takes Over EK39.

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the earlier technical return of EK39 Dubai – Birmingham to Dubai, the flight was subsequently operated by A380 A6-EOS.

Emirates A380 A6-EOS Delivered.

A380 A6-EOS was delivered Finkenwerder – Dubai this evening as EK7380. This brings the Emirates A380 fleet up to 71 aircraft. This is the fourth aircraft delivered in 58J/557Y configuration.