Emirates A380 A6-EDR EK31 London Gatwick Diversion.

Emirates A380 A6-EDR operating EK31 Dubai – London Heathrow (depart Dubai 11th January) with an eight and a half hour delay diverted to London Gatwick in the early hours of this morning due to no airport services being available at London Heathrow.

Emirates A380 A6-EDR EK764 Muscat Diversion.

Emirates A380 A6-EDR operating EK764 Johannesburg – Dubai (depart Johannesburg 28th March) diverted via Muscat early this morning due to long weather-based hold times at Dubai.

Emirates A380 A6-EDR Returns from Hong Kong.

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the technical issue it encountered yesterday, Emirates A380 A6-EDR departed Hong Kong this evening operating yesterdays delayed EK385 Hong Kong – Bangkok – Dubai as EK385D.

Emirates A380 A6-EDR Mumbai Technical Issue.

A380 A6-EDR arrived into Mumbai in the early hours of this morning after arriving as EK500 from Dubai (depart Dubai 21st November), however it was unable to operate the return EK501 due to a technical issue.

Emirates A380 A6-EDR Kuwait Rescue Mission.

Following the planned diversion of sister A6-EEG to Kuwait, Emirates A380 A6-EDR positioned Dubai – Kuwait as EK3001 this afternoon in to complete yesterdays EK202 New York JFK – Dubai flying Kuwait – Dubai as EK202. The changeover of passengers between the two aircraft was achieved in under an hour.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EBX London Heathrow Rescue Mission.

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the incident involving A380 A6-EDR and a catering truck at London Heathrow yesterday, Emirates B777-31HER A6-EBX positioned Dubai – London Heathrow as EK7001 this afternoon in to operate yesterdays delayed EK6 London Heathrow – Dubai as EK6D.

Emirates A380 A6-EDR Returns from Hong Kong.

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last nights return to Hong Kong Airbus A380 A6-EDR departed tonight as EK385D and appears to be routing direct to Dubai. Sister A6-EDT operating todays scheduled EK385 departed around fifteen minutes later and is operating the usual Hong Kong – Bangkok – Dubai routing.

A380 A6-EDR EK385 Hong Kong Return.

Airbus A380 A6-EDR operating EK385 Hong Kong – Bangkok – Dubai returned to Hong Kong tonight due to an unspecified technical issue. The flight has been delayed overnight.

A6-EDR EK241 Manchester Diversion

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Dubai – Toronto was operated today by A380 A6-EDR, this aircraft is in 38M configuration without crew rest areas. The use of such aircraft on this route is permitted so long as sufficient passenger seats are available for use as crew rest seats. It appears that today insufficient seats were available as the flight operated via Manchester where a crew change took place. The return EK242 was also originally scheduled to stop in Manchester but in the end operated direct to Dubai, suggesting there were sufficient cancellations or no shows to make enough passenger seats available to crew.

A6-EDR Enters Service.

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A380 A6-EDR entered service today as EK73 Dubai – Paris CDG. Seat Maps for the return EK74 show this aircraft to be in 38M 14F/76J/427Y configuration without the lower deck crew rest area.

A6-EDR Delivered.

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A380 A6-EDR departed Finkenwerder this afternoon on delivery to Dubai as EK7380.