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Emirates Airbus A340-500 Fleet List

Current Emirates Airbus A340-500 Routes

Emirates initially ordered eight Airbus A340-500 aircraft specifically for their long range capabilities that would allow the airline to commence non-stop flights from Dubai to New York JFK, Sydney and Melbourne.

The aircraft were the first in the fleet to be fitted with the airline’s signature First Class Suites. Business Class also saw a quantum leap from the airline’s previous offerings with a lie-flat shell seat being fitted. The aircraft were also the first to feature the ICE on demand Audio/Visual entertainment system which was offered in all classes.

Emirates were the first airline to operate the Airbus A340-500 in service on 1 December 2003 when EK412 departed Dubai flying to Sydney direct.

On 4 February 2004 a further four aircraft were ordered bringing the fleet up to ten units.

Although the A340-500s were highly successful on their long range missions Emirates’ deliveries of the Boeing 777-300ER and 777-200LR offered a fleet of machines of equally capable range but offering twin engined efficiency and a greater passenger and cargo capacity.  The arrival of the Airbus A380 offered equal range and still greater capacity.

On 20 March 2009 Airbus A340-500 A6-ERG departing Melbourne as EK407 to Dubai experienced a tail strike on departure, struck the lights at the end of the runway and took out antenna. The aircraft made it into the air and began to dump fuel over Port Phillip Bay but returned to Melbourne to make an emergency landing when smoke began to appear in the cabin. Investigations revealed that an incorrect take-off weight had been used in calculations resulting in the aircraft being at too low a speed when it rotated. Both pilots resigned shortly after the incident.

On June 19 2009 the aircraft departed Melbourne for an unpressurised flight at a maximum of 10,000 feet routing Melbourne - Perth - Singapore - Dubai - Cairo - Toulouse for repair by Airbus. Repairs took five months with the aircraft ferrying Toulouse - Dubai on 24 November 2009 and returning to passenger service on 1 December.

The type’s association with the Australia and New Zealand routes ended with final departures back to Dubai on 1 January 2011 with these passing to a Boeing 777/Airbus A380 mix.

Currently the A340-500s operate on routes from Dubai to Addis Ababa, Beirut, Beijing, Casablanca, Dar es Salaam Entebbe, Johannesburg, Milan Malpensa, Mumbai, Nairobi, Seychelles, and Vienna. Whist none of these utilises the long range capabilities of the aircraft the excellent First and Business Class products and 2-4-2 Economy configuration make them extremely popular with passengers.  

Airbus A340-500