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Emirates Airbus A330-200 Fleet List

Current Emirates A330-200 Routes

The Airbus A330-200 first joined the Emirates fleet in 1999 and a total of 29 of the twin engined jets have served with the airline.

These are the smallest aircraft in the fleet and are particularly useful in establishing new routes that can then be upgraded to larger equipment once they have become established.

The fleet is split into two units with eight aircraft operating in a 27J/251Y configuration and the remainder of the fleet being configured 12F/42J/183Y. The aircraft feature the Sleeperette seats in First and Business Class which are the least desirable in the fleet but are popular with Economy passengers thanks to the 2-4-2 layout.

Two Class aircraft operate primarily within the Middle East and to the Indian subcontinent but also

In 2002 the first of an initial order for 17 new A320-200s arrived at Heathrow, heralding the transfer of the 737-400 fleet to Gatwick. A further tranche of 17 aircraft began to arrive in 2007. Aircraft from G-EUYF onwards have been delivered with Spacesaver seats throughout meaning that Club Europe passengers do not benefit from the expandable seats in the other aircraft although the front 13 rows do have 34 inch pitch.

operate longer range missions to Newcastle and Durban.

Three Class aircraft also operate within the Middle East and India but also work to Africa and reach Manchester and Copenhagen.

Emirates is known to want to move all operations to larger aircraft and two Airbus A330-200s have already left the fleet, finding a new home with Virgin Australia.

Airbus A330-200