A6-EDQ Enters Service.

Airbus yysddzzk
A380 A6-EDQ entered service today operating the EK73/EK74 Dubai – Paris CDG rotation. This aircraft is configured in the 38M coded 14F/76J/427Y without the lower deck crew rest area.

A6-EDI Test Flight.

Airbus ekysnfrn
A380 A6-EDI undertook a Dubai – Dubai test flight today as EK999.

A6-EDV First Flight.

Airbus ehkeryfh
A380 A6-EDV made its first flight today as F-WWAG.

A6-EDQ Delivered.

Airbus ezehfiis
A380 A6-EDQ was delivered today routing Finkenwerder – Dubai as EK7380.

A6-EDI Returns to Dubai.

Airbus neyakirk
A380 A6-EDI positioned Hyderabad – Dubai today as EK7373 following its technical diversion to Chennai whilst operating EK380 on 23rd October.

A6-EGH Enters Service.

Boeing bzitanbn
777-31HER A6-EGH entered service today as EK408 Dubai – Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne. This aircraft is configured in the 73N coded 8F/42J/304Y configuration with overhead crew rest area.

A6-EDI EK385 Chennai Technical Diversion.

Airbus fereb
A380 A6-EDI operating EK385 Hong Kong – Bangkok – Dubai (depart Hong Kong 22 October) was en route from Bangkok – Dubai when it encountered hydraulic problems and needed to divert. The aircraft first headed towards Chennai but decided instead to put down in Hyderabad due its longer runway. Around 80 passengers were transferred to the scheduled EK527 Hyderabad – Dubai operated byBoeing 777-31HER A6-EMR.

A6-EGH Delivered.

Boeing rnzaharh
777-31HER A6-EGH departedBoeing Field today routing directly to Dubai as EK777.

A6-EDP Enters Service.

Airbus efyzzaht
A380 A6-EDP entered service today on the EK17/EK18 Dubai – Manchester rotation. This aircraft is fitted in the 38L coded 14F/76J/399Y configuration with the lower deck crew rest area.

A6-EGG Enters Service.

Boeing taynfnha
777-31HER A6-EGG entered service today operating EK420 Dubai – Perth. This aircraft is fitted in the 73W coded 8F/42J/310Y configuration without overhead crew rest area.

A6-EDP Delivered.

Airbus rkirfnsn
A380-861 A6-EDP was delivered today routing Finkenwerder – Dubai as EK7380.

A6-EGG Delivered.

Boeing znetrhab
777-31HER A6-EGG departed Paine Field today on delivery to Dubai as EK777.

Munich A380 Brought Forward as Kuala Lumpur is Delayed.

Airbus aedishiz
A380 service on the EK49/EK50 Dubai – Munich rotation, scheduled to begin on 1 January 2012 has been brought forward to commence on 25 November 11. Conversely Airbus A380 service on the EK346/EK347 Dubai – Kuala Lumpur rotation, scheduled to begin on 1 December 2011 has been postponed until 1 January 2012.

A6-EGH First Flight.

Boeing ftntzkty
777-31HER made its first test flight today from Paine Field today.

A6-EDO EK202 Manchester Diversion.

Airbus neznyfin
A380-861 operating EK202 New York JFK – Dubai (depart New York 4 October) diverted via Manchester this morning due to a situation on board.